In 1999, the Purchasing Director of a large school district in Utah contacted us. His programmers were trying to build an internet based surplus auction system. The district wanted a system to replace the live auction approach used in the past, with little success. Knowing we created internet auction systems, he asked if we could help.

He had three main requirements. The system must:

  1. Provide a detailed audit record of all activity.
  2. Be able to automatically reallocate surplus items internally.
  3. Provide a dynamic bid auction for those items not internally reallocated.

Intrigued, we decided to do some research in Utah, as well as other states. It would be important to assess the level of need other public agencies may have for a complete surplus inventory management system. Ninety-four agencies, including cities, counties, school districts and colleges, were contacted during this research. It was determined that none of these agencies were in full compliance with their state's regulations or policies. Problems were found relating to record keeping, reallocation and/or collusion avoidance. Moreover, the processes for managing surplus inventory operations were generally disorganized.

It became apparent to us that there was a great need no other company was filling. A system that could manage an agency's entire surplus inventory operations, while assuring compliance with government regulations and policies, would become a great benefit to the public sector. Our past experience with public agencies, along with the information we had gathered, gave us a head start in creating such a system. So, we moved forward, confident that we had the keys to make the best surplus management system specifically designed for the needs of public agencies.

A year later we introduced the Public Surplus System to the purchasing director whose questions started us on this journey. Since that time hundreds of agencies across the country have registered on the system. Their surplus inventory has become more automated and streamlined making it much easier to manage. The accessibility of the internet, along with the efforts of our Buyer Contact Department, have helped these agencies generate 30-200% more net revenue than any other method previously utilized.

We feel the ease of use, audit trails, internal reallocation features, and overall increase in net revenue, make Public Surplus the best available surplus management tool.

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